Fly fishing float trips on the Eagle River in Colorado can be an exciting and rewarding experience for anglers of all levels. The Eagle River is a freestone river that flows through the Rocky Mountains and provides excellent opportunities for catching rainbow and brown trout, with some fish reaching sizes of 20 inches or more, in a beautiful setting. The river is known for its hatches of caddis, mayflies, and stoneflies, providing ample opportunities for dry fly fishing during the summer months and some excellent streamer fishing in the spring and fall.

Eagle River Guided Float Trips

Brown trout caught on the Eagle river in Colorado. | Eagle River Guided Fly Fishing Float Trip

Float trips on the Eagle River typically begin near the town of Edwards, then travel west, downstream to the town of Gypsum. The river is relatively shallow in some sections, and the currents can be swift, making it challenging to wade fish.

However, float fishing allows anglers to access more remote, private sections of the river, where the trout can be less pressured and more willing to take a fly. Due to it being a freestone river the floating season last roughly 8-10 weeks between mid-June and mid- August.

Anglers can expect to encounter a mix of pocket water, runs, riffles, and pools on float trips on the Eagle River, providing a variety of fishing opportunities.

The river also offers stunning mountain views, making it a great destination for those looking to combine fishing with scenery. Overall, fly fishing float trips on the Eagle River in Colorado can be an unforgettable experience, providing anglers with a chance to catch trout in a beautiful and remote setting.

Float Trip Pricing

Full Day Float Trip

(Up to 2 anglers)


Eagle River Guided Walk And Wade Trips

Walk and wade guided trips on the Eagle River take place mostly between Wolcott and Gypsum, Co. there are over 6 miles of public access allowing easy accessible wade fishing.

This beautiful remote section of river offers rainbow trout, brown trout. There are long riffles, braided sections which allow easy crossing and deeper holes that may be holding the fish of a life time.

Wade fishing is a great option that allows one to target a specific section of water and really hone in your skills. Under the guidance of our professional guides you will learn the necessary techniques to then head back and tackle this stretch of water on your own.

The Eagle River has a great bug life which allows you to nymph, dry fly and streamer fish all in the same day.

Walk And Wade Pricing

We offer both half-day and full-day trips for groups of all sizes.

Half-Day Walk And Wade

$350 – For 2 Anglers

$450 – For 3 Anglers

Full-Day Walk And Wade

$450 – For 2 Anglers

$550 – For 3 Anglers

Frequently Asked Questions

What time do we start?

That is dependent on the time of the year. Your guide will work with you based on water temperatures and weather conditions.

What do you provide?

We provide all necessary equipment including flies. Non alcoholic beverages and light snacks.

What do I need to bring?

If you have your own boats and waders, we always recommend using your own for basic fit and comfort reason, any adult beverages and lunch.

How long does the trip last?

Our full day trips range anywhere from 6-8 hours depending on river flows, ½ day trip ranges from 4-5 hours.

Can we keep any fish that we catch?

No, we practice catch and release.

Can I use a conventional rod and reel?

Yes, although we want you to experience the thrill of catching a fish on a fly rod, we aren’t elitists. We simply want you to have a great day on the water.

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